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Orange & Blue Skies Ahead

January 14, 2017

Blow it up…for real this time.

Start with firing Phil. He was brought to NY to land big name FA’s & change the culture around the franchise…he did neither. Greg Monroe shunned the Knicks for the Bucks & Rose just showed everyone how much respect he has for Phil & company after going AWOL for hours on game day. Hire a young, innovative & smart GM who relates to today’s game & the players.

Second, ask Melo to waive that no trade clause & move him for as many picks as possible. I don’t blame Melo for this mess…never have. He’s played hard. He’s played hurt. Never caused any issues on or off the court. Never heard teammates (former or current) talk negatively about him & has displayed a level of loyalty to this franchise that you usually only see from players who were drafted by the team. Management & ownership have failed Melo. It’s their job to figure out who are the best coaches & players to surround your franchise player with; not the player himself (see what the Rockets have done for Harden).

Lastly, let Rose walk this summer & cut Noah just like the Pistons did with Josh Smith. I know that’s a lot of dead money to eat but when I say blow it up…I mean BLOW IT UP. Make it clear to everyone that this franchise now belongs to Kristaps Porzingis & every move from here on out will be focused on building a team that compliments his talents. He’s about 3-5 years away from hitting his prime. Now is the time to start the build.

It’s time for this franchise to understand that there are no quick fixes in the NBA. From 2008 to 2012 the Golden State Warriors missed the playoffs…let that marinate for a minute. During that absence however they drafted Curry, Thompson & Green. Signed David Lee, Iggy & traded for Bogut. You have to break some eggs if you wanna make an omelette.


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